Skydiving FAQs

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Skydiving FAQs

When your considering a skydiving experience you may have a few questions. Check out some of the most common questions below

Will I be attached to someone else or will I be skydiving tandem?

Are you looking for a tandem sky dive around Sydney. Our directory lists a number of skydiving locations including Picton, Penrith, Camden & Wollongong skydiving.

It is easy to book a skydive online anywhere around Sydney. All you need to do is click through to any of the links you find & you will be shown the price & location details for the skydive. From there you can then book your skydive and get ready for an experience not to be forgotten!

Tandem skydives are the only way to experiencing skydiving first hand and you must be undertake a number of tandem skydives before you are allowed to take your first solo skydive.If you'd like to go skydiving at Picton midweek , which is one of Sydney's closest drop zones, this is the dive for you. If you'd like to go skydiving at Picton on the weekend then this is the place for you.

What to wear when skydiving

One of the most commonly asked questions about skydiving is what do you wear? Well don't be too worried. Most skydiving centers in Sydney supply all the gear required for you to go sky diving. Generally you wil be supplied with a special jump suit which you strap the parachute too. You will be advised what to wear underneath the suit when you make your booking.

How long will it take?

Allow about half a day for the experience, get to the dive site early and settle in, watch a few jumps take place. There will be an extensive briefing for whichever dive you do.